Steam distillation clove oil

The IR spectrum results for the eugenol sample submitted showed the presence of the alcohol functional group O-H at The organic compounds from the clove oils are insoluble in water so they dissolved into the lower organic dichloromethane layer.

The flask was then labeled sealed using a cork stopper and parafilm. Mark the level of the mixture on the side of the flask. After the solution of dichloromethane and distillate was mixed by inverting the funnel and venting every so often to relieve pressure it was let sit so that the immiscible aqueous and organic layers could separate.

Clamp a small metal ring to the back of the hood to hold the funnel.

Essential Oil Plants

Test organisms and preparation of inoculum Mucor sp. Collect 60 ml of distillate. Abstract Antifungal properties of some essential oils have been well documented.

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Set up a well-clamped simple distillation apparatus with the large bore condenser. In this experiment the essential oils of clove will be isolated.

The left over upper aqueous layer a milky white liquid was discarded. Place used drying agent in the waste jar. McMurry describes some important properties of phenols 2.

clove oil steam distillation

The first day the clove oil was removed from the ground cloves into an aqueous solution then removed from the water using DCM. Eye protection should be worn at all times during the experiment and each wall outlet used must be equipped with a 3-pronged grounded outlet, with the ground being a noncurrent-carrying wire connected to earth ground at the main distribution box.

Essential oils are nearly always isolated by steam distillation, in which steam forced through the plant material vaporizes the essential oil which is then condenses into a receiver along with water from the condensed steam.

The cloves were a dark brown color with a tree bark-like texture and a distinct cinnamon odor. The product recovered was a light yellow liquid color with the same strong, sweet, cinnamon odor as the raw clove.

Elbert and Linda S. If using topically, dilute with carrier oil. Weigh 5 grams of whole cloves.

Clove Essential Oil

A boiling stick was added to the vial and it was placed on a steam bath to evaporate the solvent. The distillate was poured into a clean, dry separatory funnel.Sep 12,  · AROMATIC OIL STEAM DISTILLATION PLANT - Duration: How To Make Clove Oil at Home - SIMPLY & EASILY - Duration: Natural Health WISI Essential Oil Distillation Process. offers clove oil steam distillation products. About 5% of these are oil pressers, 1% are evaporator. A wide variety of clove oil steam distillation options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

This week you will get to use steam distillation to isolate the oils from either caraway, cinnamon, clove, or cumin (see below) and prepare a derivative of the main component of that oil. Isolation of Eugenol from Cloves using steam distillation lab Jesus Perez-Sanchez 11/3/14 Chem lab, section: TA: Qi tong Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to use techniques to do some isolation of natural products like solid cloves.

These techniques will include task that involve. Steam Distillation – Clove Oil Abstract: In this experiment, a situ method steam distillation was performed and essential oils were isolated from cloves. Once the oils were obtained, extraction techniques were used to extract a crude, eugenol, and acetyleugenol product sample.

a wide range of plant sources including clove oil, nutmeg oil, cinnamon extract and many other plants. It owns strong health The most common method for the isolation of eugenol is steam distillation. In the extraction and isolation process of eugenol, rstly essential oil is extracted from the plants.

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Steam distillation clove oil
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