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Benchmarking can be done for nearly every business process, including marketing. Get Access Renfrey Memorial Hospital: This has driven up personnel costs and also resulted in decreased rankings on patient satisfaction surveys.

When nurses are satisfied and motivated offering patients with better services, it goes without saying that the hospital will cut itself an edge in the world of health services provision Jones, In your proposal, you will: The emphasis of the paper is thus to evaluate possible solutions to address the problem of nurses shortage and retention and chose the most feasible and cost effective for the hospital to be implemented.

The initiative in the long run will ease the administration the pressure and cost of outsourcing nurses from agencies since the rate of nurse retention in the long-term will be high May et al.

It is leadership and management styles that will catalyze creation of a better working environment, better and flexible packages for compensation as well as other benefits that in the long-run brings about a satisfied nurse with very high level of morale.

Elizabeth Hospital has decreased its clinical contract labor expense by Hospitals in California needed to reduce costs without negative effects on quality. When demand of nurses is in sharp increase, their availability and willingness is continuously declining. Going beyond the healthcare industry to find the best practices that can ultimately help to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, 3.

Such an agreement through careful consideration will ensure that the account is not unnecessarily allocating huge monies that do not yield positive results.

Proposal for the Renfrey Memorial Hospital Board of Directors - Essay Example

The second strategy that I believe will help FMH is providing its nurses with a flexible competitive compensation and benefit packages.

These are all areas you can benchmark against. What change processes may be required? The hospital commissioned a survey that revealed many of the nursing staff finds the work too physically demanding and many are feeling physically exhausted and report emotional burn out as well.

Effects of shortages in nurses The serious negative impact of shortages of nursing is a wake-up call for the healthcare institution as well as other relevant stakeholders such as medical schools, local government and the state at large.

It provided younger less experience nurses with opportunity for further training as compared to the older experienced nurses who preferred trading such benefit with a decreased premium on health insurance.

In this program, human resources department and hiring managers' work as a one team and it is focused on fulfilling the AMN needs. Due to the retirement of the nursing staff in the past two years, RHM is facing problem of shortage of nursing staff. Within two years, all groups will have an absentee rate that equals or exceeds the current company average.

The only problem is that arriving at decision will take more time. The hospital has been forced to use temporary pool nurses from an agency. The use of agency nurses has been eliminated and sustained over two years. In the health care industry, for example, interest in benchmarking has grown as increasing competition and escalating costs are forcing many hospitals and health care institutions to seek new ways of improving patient care and productivity.

It used various strategies, such as increased remuneration, provided good working environment and invested in technology to deal with this problem and retain nursing staff. The process although will call for proper change management that will help ensure that the entire strategy is smooth.

While numerous hospitals have been recognized for excellence, other hospitals need not restrict their searches for benchmarking partners to other hospitals Sower, 1. A survey conducted in found out that tight schedules, intense workload, lack of flexi arrangement in the workplace as well as compulsory overtime led to increased level of dissatisfaction and lower morale.

Renfrey Memorial Hospital faces significant staffing challenges ahead as it grapples with these issues and the hospital board is very concerned. The hospital is encountering a problem with nursing staff retention.renfrey memorial hospital – proposal for the board at renfrey memorial hospital – Renfrey Memorial Hospital (RMH) is a bed regional hospitallocated in the Midwest.

It has been in existence for 32 years andwas named after a prominent philanthropist in the area, Mr. GilbertH. Renfrey Memorial Hospital: Proposal For Nursing Shortage The final proposal aims at providing a critical analysis of the forces which have contributed to the shortage of nurses at Renfrey Memorial Hospital and secondly the proposal will present recommendations, policy directions, and strategies on how to deal with the shortage of nurses at this local community hospital.

Search Results for 'proposal for the renfrey memorial hospital board of directors' Strategic Plan For Robinson Memorial Hospital University of Phoenix MBA/ April 10, Bob Hanks Executive Summary Robinson Memorial Hospital (RMH) is a Renfrey Memorial Hospital Board Project Proposal Executive Summary American hospitals have in the recent past experienced acute shortages of nurses and the problem seems to be worse in the near future if necessary steps are not taken.

Renfrey Memorial Hospital Board Project Proposal. Renfrey Memorial Hospital Introduction While the US has more nurses and physicians than ever before, upcoming retirements and a dysfunctional workplace are creating clinical shortages that can become more severe than the industry can bear (Woods, D.

). According to research, half. renfrey memorial hospital – proposal for the board at renfrey memorial hospital – Renfrey Memorial Hospital (RMH) is a bed regional hospitallocated in the Midwest. It has been in existence for 32 years andwas named after a prominent philanthropist in the area, Mr.


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Renfrey memorial hospital board project proposal
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