Predictions on the upcoming presidential elections in the us

Mayoral elections[ edit ] Various elections were held for officeholders in numerous cities, counties, school boards, special districts and others around the country. He has had to strike a delicate balance between staying on Trump's good side and appealing to voters in a state that Hillary Clinton won and with a growing Hispanic population.

This affliction is not helping Bernie Sanders so far this year. Republican John Curtis was elected. In my October 2nd update I had mentioned that Jupiter mahadasha will bring lot of things that Trump is hiding for decades, to surface, as the 8th house in the astrology chart represents taxes, hidden things, and legal troubles.

Trump will make some mistake on November 6th and 7th, that will cost him this election. He told radio host Alex Jones: This can still hurt Hillary in polls with the independent voters.

But in Presidential Debates we will again see the same old unscripted Donald Trump, because teleprompters are not allowed in debates. So I found the birth time details with AA rating of people close to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to see if they will be happy or sad this week. Since their tactics dictate that they single an individual out, they will most likely target the lead investigator or the author of the report.

In my opinion we will know by Monday November 7th afternoon, if it is going to be a landslide victory for Clinton or a close win. No one can answer this question because Trump is so unpredictable.

Also inMustaine revealed his "birther" opinions on a talk show, saying he doubted President Obama was born in the United States. We have seen number of shooting incidents in the United States during this time. Expect some big surprises during the challenging months of August and September.

Trump is heading for a most humiliating defeat, as predicted boldly by me on May 4th update this year. It seems like Trump does not need Hispanic vote. We will see how this period will play out for Clinton.

How 50 Years of Data May Help Predict Party Nominations

Sounds great to Traditional Vedic Astrologers!! Texas Senator Ted Cruzand his delegates famously walked out of the RNC and entered the race as a formal third party.

Donald Trump is trying to do too many things tomorrow, just a day before the solar eclipse. As I had mentioned in my previous updates that August and September are challenging months for Clinton. Bredesen represents the last of a generation of moderate Democrats who forged winning statewide coalitions in the South and essential for Democrats's long shot hopes of gaining a majority in the Senate.

I have recently explained with astrology analysis on my September 3rd update as well. Demography of the United States The age group of what will then be people in the 18 to year-old bracket is expected to represent just under 40 percent of the United States' eligible voters in Donald Trump looked un-prepared and nervous.

It will be a lot easier for Trump to hurl insults at Clinton and distract the audience and the moderator this time.

Donald Trump has no plans to solve important issues that US is facing at this time, and most of the time he is thinking of an answer for the first time when a moderator asks him a question, because Trump has not done his research and is unprepared on most important issues.

2020 United States presidential election

This is the best strategy and a safe strategy for Clinton to win the first debate. October 4, Today is October 6th, and Donald Trump has entered 8th house and badhaka house lord Jupiter mahadasha. -

Bushand Barack Obama from being elected president again. The Texas Democrat still faces an uphill battle in a Republican state where incumbent governor Greg Abbott has an overflowing warchest and no real competition.

Parker's dramatic late entry shook up the entire race. Legislation was introduced by City Councilman Charles Allen in Aprilwith a public hearing in June, and a vote by the end of the year.

But we still want to see how the challenging months of August and September will play out for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

This shift is potentially an advantage for the Democratic nominee, however due to geographical differences, this could still lead to President Trump or a different Republican nominee winning the Electoral College while still losing the popular votepossibly by an even larger margin than in In my opinion, it is more favorable for Democrats if Trump stays in the race, because Democrats will win for sure in this case.

However, the US Supreme Court has put a hold on the election until it rules on the matter. New York Proposition 1 Under the provisions of the New York Constitutionevery twenty years the state is required to place before the voters a proposal to hold a constitutional convention to be held the following year, with any suggested amendments being voted on in the year after that.

We have heard him saying on tape that he can grope women and kiss them without their consent, and can get away with it, because he is a star.

In my opinion Donald Trump is going to lose the General Election. I would have written about Hillary and Bernie long time ago if I knew their accurate birth times from their birth certificates with AA rating. The transits are used only for timing of events.The United States elections were held, in large part, on Tuesday, November 7, This off-year election featured gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey, as well as state legislative elections in both houses of the New Jersey Legislature and in the Virginia House of Delegates (the lower house of the Virginia legislature).Net change: Democratic +1, Republican −1.

The Buckeye State voted for the winner for the 29th time in 31 elections this year, the best record of any [ ] In ’s Game of Musical Chairs, the Music Stopped at. The United States elections were held, in large part, on Tuesday, November 7, Christie campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination, but withdrew from the race February 10, Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, a Republican.

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Over the years in American history, many elections have taken place and many terms have been served successfully. After all these years one must wonder how the role of the President of the United States of America has changed.

Currently in America the Presidential election is nearing more a. Three predictions about Mali’s presidential election. By Bruce Whitehouse. July 17, 0. Our Insiders’ Newsletter will keep you up to date and help us keep the lights on. Subscribe and support! a weekly update on all upcoming and recent elections across the continent.

Predictions on the upcoming presidential elections in the us
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