Custom paper press stamps

The machine has a cast-iron body and ball lever with steel working parts and brass fittings. This concerns information we need from you and some things you need to consider when placing your custom order. The ergonomically designed handle minimises strain on the wrist or hand.

Easy OrderingWe have built a custom web ordering portal for you Fast TurnaroundGet your orders fast with 2-week turnaround Low Order MinimumsEliminate holding large inventory Design SupportWork one on one with an assigned designer Make a die to fit your needs For rubber stamps and clear stamp users, shapes are usually used.

Limited Edition

The large machines are often used to produce detailed armorial designs and Vesica Piscis shaped ecclesiastical seals. A video of the Extra heavy Duty Embossing Press in operation.

Custom Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

A stainless-steel locking bolt can be fitted which can carry up to two padlocks for security over its use. Single-lever embossers These machines are for embossing heavy papers or designs which require large dies. You can learn how to digitize a rubber stamp design in Lesson 2, Video 3 of the Digitizing Artwork and Calligraphy eCourse!

Overall length approximately, 5. We are here to help you, Your cash flow needs to be working and not on a shelf gathering dust. Handle is made of washable HDPE plastic. Keep as much open space between lines as possible.

Embossing machines

With virgin metals and environmentally safe materials, ther eis no risk of mixed inferior metals or questionable coatings that could be harmful to your customers. If you have any questions about anything covered in this post, please feel free to ask in the comments!

hand stamp press

It is achieved by using a male and female die. Complex designs, elegant or detailed fonts will not stamp well.


Thin lines are best. No risk of mixed inferior metals or questionable coatings. With Locust Street Press, you get more than just quality printing. Please note that die charges are additional, and depth and stock samples must kindly be provided at the time of quoting.

Foil Stamping

We now have open-faced dies that allow crafters to visually place the die onto an image to align it with the image. Embossing from the top, bottom or side is possible if specified at the time of order. Embedded in this stock is our unique North American Wildflower seed blend.

The process is done with heat and a foil stamping die.Photo Display Stamps ship in 2 business days. For orders of 5+ items, we will call/email you if your order will be delayed from our shipping policy.

Custom rubber stamps, embossers, inks and stamp pads. © Connectweb Technologies, Inc. Create Mail & Stamps. Your digital photos can become custom stamps, postcards, and cards, unique for your event or announcement. Simply upload your photos, add your addresses, and press send.

We’ll print, stuff, address, stamp, and mail your cards the next business day with durable Postal Protect coating and First-Class Mail® postage. Custom Made logo stamp wedding invitations Embossing Letter paper Press seal.

Grab a nice ink pad (Ranger is a good brand), and gently press the rubber side of your stamp into it. You can then stamp on envelopes, coffee mug sleeves, paper bags, and — if. Custom Stamps Custom stamps and stock stamps can be used to quickly add return addresses and signatures or make other impressions unique to you and your business.

Choose from pre-inked, self-inking, or rubber styles.

Custom paper press stamps
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