Critical thinking and writing about literature syllabus

T T T CT Class Syllabus The Key Concept of the Course This course is entirely and exclusively concerned with the development of potential capacities that all of you have, even though you have not developed them, capacities in that part of your mind known as "your intellect".

Vague Thinking The "mortal sin" of the class is thinking that is vague, obscure, nebulous, blurred, confused, intangible, indefinite, imprecise, fuzzy, foggy, or indeterminate.

The Disability Services Office offers a variety of accommodations and services to students with documented disabilities. What was interesting or disappointing?

They also administer the oral exam and conduct practice sessions when the professor is absent on official business. All class sessions are designed by the professor with specific goals in mind. What interpretation do other passages from the same text or different ones support?

Dialectical thinking Document Actions. Most importantly, registered students should begin the class familiar with our online classroom before our first class; you should also have a microphone so that you can participate in class discussions. For every class day you will have a written assignment which involves "disciplined" thinking.

You are expected, also, to offer patience, attention, and respect to your classmates as they test new ideas.

You are encouraged to experiment with your ideas, with your writing, and with your citizenship as part of our classroom community. Class Pacing Although I am sympathetic to the exigencies of your hectic schedules and many deadlines, lateness of any sort—in joining class or turning in work—will be penalized.

They also administer the oral exam and conduct practice sessions when the professor is absent on official business. They are the products, through and through, of forces they did not choose. This means you are responsible for keeping files of your work. Since the final grade is not based on points and is not mathematically calculated, the above percentages are approximations to suggest emphasis, not precise figures.

You can engage in this class by: Course Description Writing about Short Fiction encourages students to examine how authors craft short stories through narrative techniques including point of view, tone, plot, setting, characterization, and symbolism.

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If we read the passage s in a particular way, and they reconcilable? I will distribute specific information about each assignment as appropriate. A passage that can be interpreted in more than one way.

CT Class Syllabus

The deadline for adding any class using a permission code to add is Sunday, August You will be regularly responsible for assessing your own work using criteria and standards discussed in class. Your academic honesty is assumed, which means that I expect all of your submitted work to have come from your brain and your hand.

It is to develop a mind that is analogous to the body of a person that is physically fit.Upon successful completion of ENGL F Critical Thinking and Writing about Literature, the stu- dent will be able to compose a reasonable and persuasive argument with.

Competencies: L Can analyze issues and reconcile problems through critical and appreciative thinking.

Department of English and Comparative Literature

1. Analyzes, critiques, and evaluates different forms and levels of thinking and reasoned discourse. 2. Constructs well-reasoned arguments in the context of real-life experiences and.

Critical Thinking & Writing about Literature. Class Communications: Voice Mail: ext Material should be read by the day it is listed as due on the syllabus. Please read: To develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills as they apply to the analysis of fiction, poetry and drama, literary criticism, and.

speaking, critical thinking, writing and reading skills. Writing assignments, short exams and a final exam are given to assess students’ overall comprehension of the class. This course provides a lot of critical reading and writing AAS Race, Racism, and Critical Thinking Syllabus.

Critical Thinking Syllabus Late Start: This class begins on April 4, DePaul University School for New Learning Critical Thinking LL, Section ; Monday, Loop English develops critical thinking, reading, and writing skills through the study of logical reasoning, the analysis of literary texts, and the generation of written arguments.

Literature will provide subject matter for approximately 6,

Critical thinking and writing about literature syllabus
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